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iJournal about iSeth
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Date:2016-06-22 01:03
Subject:Back from the dead
Mood: mellow

No I did not die, but I certainly have not been using this to track my health as I once was.

SO, yeah, guess I'll update my health issues. It appears that my blood pressure and heart arrhythmia has stabilized for the most part. Still on 10mg BP meds, and I still get flutters once in a while, but nothing really outstanding. I've had many other issues that come and go, like pressure in the front of my head, my stupid neck/throat clicking when I turn right, and random aches and pains all over. My doctor is far too lax to send me to a specialist for anything until I have an ER visit. My diet is still caffeine free but I've all but given up trying to control my sodium intake. I am vigilant on being careful about high sodium foods as well as sugar, but I'm not being as anti-sodium and sugar as I was.

I will say that it may be from lack of exorcise, but whenever I do exert myself I can feel my heart beating hard and sometimes erratically, back to the skipping beats thing. I may request a cardiologist stress test to see if they can pinpoint it. It sucks because I want to get in shape (and I am in no way overweight, at 165 lbs.) but every time I try to be active my heart just can't take it and I feel terrible. I'd like for that to improve at least, so I can chase my child around.

Oh yeah, it's been THAT long since I updated. I have a 14 month old daughter and a new unknown child due Dec. 24th! Yeah, life is moving right along, healthy or not! I love my family, and my life. I just wish I were in better health so I could be sure that I'll be able to enjoy them for a long time. :)

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Date:2014-05-12 02:09
Subject:Yet another update on my health!
Mood: annoyed

So, where are we on the health thing...

So far, I am off blood pressure meds because my doc said it was too low. My blood pressure is still a bit high, around 140/90. I keep having this feeling in my throat, usually after eating, like a tightness. I also get heart flutters, but not often. At least once or twice a day, sometimes more. I'm still waiting for my cardiologist appointment, which I HOPE brings me some progress in finding out or resolving my heart/blood pressure issues. It's the 22nd, so I have about a week and a half still. No matter what I did, I could not get one sooner. Even after going to the ER a few times. I also have a nasal infection, which the ENT doc gave me some anti-biotics for. I went to him for the throat tightness issue, but of course I had an infection so he wanted me to get rid of that, not really addressing the other issue. He at lease gave me some advice for the cardiologist, since my blood pressure was high as well.

So, it's been 2 years now that I've been having strange health issues. It went from palpitations waking me up, to constant flutters, to high blood pressure. In march I felt unable to focus, almost like being dizzy but just out of it, so I came off the meds only to have my throat do this weird thing on me.

I have cut out caffeine completely. I do my best to limit my sodium intake. I try to eat healthy, plenty of fruits and veggies. I don't understand why I can't get any straight answers from the doctors, let along even get to a specialist to find out the cause of this.

On a better note, I'm finally married! :)

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Date:2014-04-07 16:46
Mood: annoyed

So, i was sitting nice and calmly at my computer, browsing internets when suddenly my heart started beating out of rhythm! Last time this happened and actually kept going was back in december of 2012, So, i got myself to the ER, they took my readings and gave me some stuff to calm me and get me back in synch. took about 4 hours but I'm feeling completely normal again, right back to my whole wtf state.

wtf indeed.

Made an appointment with my doc, will see him wednesday. Hopefully I can get to the cardiologist faster than my may 8th appointment. I really want to know why I'm having such issues with my heart and blood pressure being so unreliable.

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Date:2014-04-01 01:05
Subject:It just gets worse.
Mood: tired

Going to leave a journal entry to describe symptoms I've had in the past 2 years since this whole down-spiral of my health began.

-Woke up to heart palpitations. 3 times, once it went away in a minute. Then it went away in 3 hours. Then it went away in 8 hours. The last one was December 2012
-Have had heart flutters since the waking palpitations, but went away after I went on blood pressure meds.
-Had high blood pressure. Off the meds for a week, pressure is manageable now.
-Have random aches/pains in my mid section, arms and upper mid section. Come and go.
-Have recently gotten slight dizziness that is waning now.
-Recently gotten a palp followed by my throat getting tight/congested, then going away.
-Recently getting tremors that wake me from sleep but go away.

Keep in mind one of my kidneys is apparently only working at about 20%, which has been that way since I was 14. I have also completely cut out caffeine since my first heart palp ER visit, and since december I have stopped eating fast food like McDonalds/Taco Bell and the like.

I still have no clue what the hell is wrong with me, and I'm fed up. My doctor will know this tomorrow.

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Date:2014-03-25 23:24
Mood: optimistic


SO... after being off/on my medication I have had two shaking/tremor instances that woke me from sleep. Yesterday though, was by far the scariest. It was almost midnight, I was just sitting calm on the couch with my laptop, when I felt my hand go hot to cold. Weird, worse than clammy, then I stood up and felt them tingle. So, I began to freak slightly, then I felt my heart drop and then my heart beat erratically. I absolutely thought this was a stroke or heart attack happening, so I had my other half quickly drive me to the E.R.

Spent no more than a half hour there where I was shaking from anxiety the whole time. I had an ekg done, and nothing came of it because my symptoms disappeared. I brought this info to my doc today, and he could only recommend getting off my meds until friday and see what happens. If my blood pressure is controllable by my diet and exorcize, then I'll not need medication. If it's still too high, then I'll need a different medication. In any case, I'll be eating ALOT less sodium and working out at least 30 minutes a day.

Also, I went for an eye exam, and it looks like I will be needing some glasses. Not so much for everyday, but certainly for low light. I had some issues making out signs at night driving, but depth and daytime my eyesight seems fine. It's not a big deal to me really.

SO, thought I had a heart attack, got off the meds, back to figuring out a natural way to fix my blood pressure/heart/kidney things. Wish me luck!

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Date:2014-03-20 10:46
Subject:Another health update!
Mood: discontent

Nothing can stay quiet for long it seems! It's going on day 5 now, I have felt slightly dizzy-ish. Only slightly, since I don't feel like falling over or anything, but it's just a bizarre head thing. I went to my doctor, and he measured my blood pressure to be a bit low, like 109/71 or something. I've been on medication for my blood pressure, and since it's much lower than usual he told me to come off it for a week and see how I feel. My head might just require a higher blood pressure. Now, I've been on the meds for about 7 or 8 months now. They certainly helped my heart issue go away, but now my blood pressure might be too low. This may also be because I've carefully watched my sodium intake, and completely cut off fast food since December. Maybe now, 2 months later, my body is adjusting and my blood pressure is leveling out.

Honestly, who knows. All my blood tests and exams come back perfect. I am statistically in great health, but I certainly do not feel it. I fear there may be some other problem, hopefully nothing like cancer, but it wouldn't even surprise me at this point. I've gone to a heart specialist, kidney doctor and had a few extra doctor visits and yet the only thing I know is that I have(or had) high blood pressure, which probably caused my few heart palpitation episodes. This could be because of many things, like hereditary, or because my diet was terrible. Since I've been watching what I eat, I feel better, but now feel bad again, maybe because the meds were offsetting my diet. Also, there are my kidneys, which despite being a bit abnormal, all tests I've had came back as no real issue.

So, if you don't want to read all that, all you need to know is that I don't feel right still, despite being in apparent good health.


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Date:2014-02-28 21:10
Subject:Health Update/Life
Mood: good

So, here is a quick health update. I usually post when I've had problems, but honestly since Christmas I have felt good for the most part. I'm still on 10mg of blood pressure meds, but also have been taking one fish oil/D3 tablet, just for some benefits. I ski here and there, which I feel perfectly fine, but of course when exerting myself, like lifting weight or maybe shoveling alot of snow my heart will pump a bit hard, making me rest a moment and let it catch up. I believe getting in better shape, aka, running will help build my heart strength up. Of course, it's winter now, so it's tough to just go running or motivate myself to do it inside on the elliptical. I'll get around to it, I promise!

So, other than feeling better, I have my wedding to keep planning for! Come the end of April I'll be hooked up for good. About time! Can't wait to see all my family/friends and have one fun day. :)

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Date:2013-12-02 11:26
Subject:Health update

So, I suppose this journal has it's use. I can keep track of all the terrible things going on with my body! Depressing, but mostly useful for reference so I can skim over this journal between doctor visits so I remember what happened. Anywho, here is the latest:

Had a rough time last night. I'll start by saying this past week hasn't been a good food choice week. Yesterday was no exception, as I ate some buttery breaded sandwich at applebees (with a side salad) and then mcdonalds later at night. Pretty sure the mcdonalds sealed the deal, that being of my poor food choices lately.

I have been more cautious about my sodium intake, although not as much as I should be. (I order fries without salt or pick something with a bit less sodium than say, a big mac...) as well as almost completely cutting caffeine out. I do however blow through cans of caffeine free coke, which I'm sure still isn't a good choice. I do fit in a banana almost every day, but one fruit is not going to do much by itself.

So, this is what happened on December first: Ate terrible all day, and late. I went to bed at about midnight, laying down and closing my eyes. Then, like what happened a year ago, my heart started pulsing. It felt like it was skipping a beat here and there. I sat up and felt very cold. So cold that I began to shiver and shake like I had just walked naked through the snow. I realized I had to use the bathroom, so I did, all the while shaking. I sat at my computer to calm myself a bit, then felt I would try to sleep again. I went and laid down, trying to breath deep and stay calm. I must have drifted off for about 5 minutes when I woke up shaking again. So, I got up, went downstairs and sat on the couch upright with a blanket around me. Eventually I leaned over and fell asleep without any shaking. This all happened in a span from midnight to 2:30am. After finally falling asleep I woke up around 5 when Melissa came down to see what I was doing.

So, I still have no clue what caused it. I have been on medication for over a year now to help my blood pressure, and it does, but there is still something underlying that is causing all of this and I still do not know what. My kidneys are not perfect, I know this. They probably don't help the situation, or might even be the cause, but all the tests I've done up till now don't point out my kidneys are the prime culprit.

So, I have an appointment with my doctor. I will give him the lowdown and see what he thinks.

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Date:2013-05-13 17:38
Mood: hopeful

I welcome myself back to this deserted place.

Just updating FMI, I went to a kidney specialist to see if there are any abnormalities with my kidney resulting in my high blood pressure. Now, my left kidney is kinda messed up, it's smaller than the right because of something about it's development when I was younger. Now, it works, but not perfectly, so I had an ultrasound to check the blood flow to it. If the blood flow was restricted or just abnormal then that would have effected my blood pressure and would need to be addressed. However, no abnormal blood flow was detected, so I'm right back to where I started.

Good news (if you can call it that) is that physically I'm okay for now, but I still have the high blood pressure which probably caused my heart issues. Since I've been on medication I feel much better, and my heart has stopped fluttering. I still need to watch what I eat, keeping my sodium and caffeine intake low, but I can live like normal again for the most part. I'm sure more exercise would help, just need to get myself to do it!

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Date:2013-04-04 00:53
Subject:I guess this is growing up.
Mood: bored

So, I'll first put a follow up to my medical issues. As of right now I just started some medication to get my blood pressure stabilized. There was nothing from my stress test or sleep study to indicate A-phib or anything with my heart. Since the December ER visit (and honestly, since last may) I have had heart flutters off and on. I finally asked my mother about high blood pressure, since I had taken a reading a couple times in the last month and it was always high. Apparently, it runs on my mothers side of the family. So, despite being healthy, eating right and exorcizing, I ended up with high blood pressure anyway. Genetic I guess, oh well. So, I'm attempting to get it in check, and I've only been on the meds for two days and my heart does feel better, but the blood pressure reading haven't gone down much. Again, too early to tell still, but a good sign none the less.

SO, aside from slamming into a medical issue the day I turned 28, life is actually very good. I own a house which I have been slowly refurbishing each room (taking down plaster walls, putting up new drywall) and gutting them to replace electrical and add insulation. It's great to do all this stuff and see a considerable difference. I also have a new(ish) car, which I have now owned for a year and it works quite well! Gets great gas mileage too. I honestly have anything I could need without being in debt minus my mortgage and car payment. I am also engaged to someone who treats me better than I deserve, although I suppose once in a while I do deserve it? I work a 3 day 36 hour job, Friday thru Sunday so I have most of the week to just do whatever my heart desires.

Now, that's something I honestly don't know what to do with. I have 4 days off a week, and yet no friends to really hang out with casually. I mean, I know I have friends, but other than my fiance' I have no close friends anymore. I go online, looking for traces of my past and it's like a party where most everyone has gone home already and I'm ready for more. I know I'm "tied down" with someone, but I have 4 days to just do anything, yet I can't think of anything to do that involves friends.

I guess there is no room for people pushing 30 without kids to keep them busy!

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Date:2013-03-07 09:06
Subject:Medical follow up

So, it's been over 2 months since my last post about my heart issue. Here is what happened:

I had a stress test and sleep study. Both came back negative for A-Fib and sleep apnea. I talked to the cardiologist and he really didn't have much for me besides to take an 81mg aspirin daily to help prevent heart issues. I was prescribed something else to help bring my heart back into rhythm but it's to be used as needed only.

So, all I've done to help myself is limit my caffeine and sodium intake, which isn't bad actually. I've been feeling much better heart wise so something must be going right. I have gained some weight so I plan to exercise a bit more as well. I don't feel bad but I do feel as though I've been neglecting my health since the past year I've spent a lot of my free time playing video games in lieu of doing other constructive things. These heart problems started last year just before memorial day, so come may it will be a year with this issue. I hope with better eating and a little physical activity I can forget about it completely.

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Date:2012-12-06 11:10
Subject:Follow up from the 5th

So, yesterday morning I posted about my heart doing laps and waking me up. So, I went to the ER because that episode lasted 8 hours. This time, not one bit of caffeine triggered it, so that can be safely ruled out, however it still helps to limit my caffeine intake. What was explained to be by the doctor was that I could have an abnormality while sleeping, so a case of/related to sleep apnea. Since these episodes only happened in my sleep, it seems like my heart does it's own thing, and if it seems like my heart is not beating right my brain sends a signal to give it a jolt to wake it up. Which, may set off a palpitation irregularity that makes my heart start beating out of synch. This immediately wakes me up, which is a good thing, but getting the heart to return to a normal beat is the hard part.

So, I am going to get appointments to have a study done, probably a stress test and sleep test to see exactly what might be causing the heart to beat irregularly in my sleep. This is of course going to add to the costs of my medical visits, but may just find an answer and a solution to this problem which scares the crap out of me.

On the plus side, after leaving the ER yesterday, my heart feels ten times better. I no longer get flutters, which continued to happen intermittently after my last ER visit in may. It feels as though the waters are calm relating to my heart now, but I know the real issue is what happens in my sleep. Last night I did feel my heart beating faster, maybe from a dream, but not irregularly. I think a sleep test is certainly in order.

Lets hope it's good news from here on out.

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Date:2012-12-05 05:40
Subject:Heart episode 3

So, not only one night after posting about other issues, my heart wake me up at 5am with palpitations. This is the third time it has woken me out of a dead sleep. The first time lasted only 20 minutes. The second wouldn't stop so I took myself to the ER. Only then it lasted about 2-3 hours. So, Im giving this one an hour before I go again.

The last time, I was convinced it was because of too much caffeine, however in the last day I haven't had any! No clue as to what is going on.

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Date:2012-03-08 19:29
Subject:Awfuly quiet here...

So, who exactly is reading my livejournal still? Not like I post anything to it anymore. Here is all you need to know: I'm doing well, no drama in my life (thank the gods) and it seems that the only things in my life that I am focused on are just living in the home and fixing it up slowly with whatever money I have. Although, if you want to see something new, I did just buy a new car:

I never expected to own something like this, but I sold my sedan so the smartest thing to do was replace it with a gas efficient commuter. I only wish they had it in manual and not automatic, but there were none available and I wasn't about to be THAT picky. I still have my wagon for the super useful stuff hauling, but 38 miles per gallon certainly beat the 22 that I would get driving the wagon to work.

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Date:2011-06-23 18:55
Subject:Nostalgic time!
Mood: nostalgic

Looking at my old art on the computer really brings me back... Reminds me of some fun times that I associate with it. A HUGE chuck of that being from when Emily and I were in that long distance relationship. I managed to draw alot back then! I also drew alot in high school going into the military. I actually did well, but as soon as I stopped I pretty much lost the drive. I have so much more to do, drawing is just not worth the effort now.

But yeah, pretty much the past 10 years of my life were awesome and really opened my eyes to the rest of the world. The internet played a major role, and it helped me mature alot. The people i've met along the way were all people who I will never forget. It kinda sucks that im settling down now and that those chapters of my life have ended, but it's time for a new one, one just as good, even better than the last. I still have old friends, albeit not really seeing them much anymore. We all move on and find more to do, other people to share our experiences with, and thats just awesome.

For anyone who still reads this journal (and it's really only people i trust), thanks for being a part of my life, even in the most minor ways. Even small voice on the internet can make a huge difference. :)

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Date:2011-06-03 20:30
Subject:New cars? why?

It's a pain to deal with cars and gas nowadays. We try to get alternatives but it seems like nobody cares or wants to (or can) invest time/money into it. Also, big wigs put out the fire of individual innovation, or steal it and patent it with threats. We have the technology and engineering, but nobody is allowed to use it. Absolutely ludicrous. I like the car I drive, but when I can get about 25mpg in a 1992 car, and see new ones of the same class get barely +3mpg more, something is not making sense. We want to help innovation in automobiles along but nobody knows who to turn to or who to blame. Oil companies, government, auto makers... who knows. Maybe it's just us knowing that we can do nothing, so we give up. The world scoffs the USA now because we have the potential, but one greedy person can ruin it all for everyone.

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Date:2011-04-12 21:59
Mood: blank

Still here, still living along the lines of life. I really don't have anything to say, nothing to complain about, nothing to really share. I'm not even bored really, but I feel I've lost touch with the part of my life that I lived since high school, mainly the part that's all online. It's weird, because the internet is a cool place, but it's just not necessary for me to hang around on anymore. I don't feel inclined to express my personal being, an avatar, online anymore. I spend more time with family or my girlfriend, which is fine but friends are sort of just background now. I sort of don't fit in with them anymore, despite still having a great bond with them. Maybe having a long term relationship and a home now just fills the void that friends did before.

Oh well.

Still alive, still working for a secure future, still doing things how I want to. Such is the life of a grown up.

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Date:2011-02-23 00:37
Subject:Into the light
Mood: peaceful

I remember wondering where people went when they disappear from the internet, then I realized it...

Real life, lol. They probably got a life where internet isn't as much a part of their lives as it once was. I'm beginning to see why, since my life just depends on the internet for reference now instead of forums and other activities. Even video games have lost their touch. I find myself playing more older games, and re-releases of them. Seriously? Maybe I'm just not into it anymore. It's still fun, but just not really what I want to spend my time on. Even questioning my affinity to conventions and such. I'll still go to one or two a year, but it's more about the area the con is in than the con itself. NY comic con is nice because the city holds more activities to do when I'm con tired, so that's a good one.

Hey whatever, guess this is just growing up. I still prefer cartoons and comedy on tv, and I still love the sonic comics (more and more every issue!) but some things have just lost their magic. I love legos too, but I find myself building more things related to my cars or the home, which is cool.

So whatever, im not an internet guy much anymore, but i'm still around. I check in once and a while on the people I still like to talk to. It's nice to have friends!

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Date:2011-01-15 20:07
Mood: awesome

Yeah, so um... I'll be closing on my new house this week.


Nothing like an old house with my name on it, too bad I'll be moving in the middle of the coldest month of the year. WHO CARES! I HAVE A HOUSE! WOOOOOOO! YOU'RE ALL INVITED!!!! Just... you know, call first. :D

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Date:2010-09-25 20:53
Subject:VOLVO 240
Mood: accomplished

So yeah, I own TWO Volvo 240's now. One is my original first owned 240:


And the other is pretty much the exact same thing, but a grey wagon. I'll get a picture soon enough!

I'm excited! the wagon has it's perks, but it does have a bit of rust under the rear bumper, however it has only 126,000 miles on it. That, compared to my black sedan which has just over 302,000 miles. Both are just great cars, easy to work on and totally worth the money. The only reason I bought another is because they're just so cheap to own here in the states. I pay ALMOST as much for both my cars in insurance as my girlfriend pays for her one car, a 2005 focus. I also pay nearly nothing in taxes. I mean, last year it was $5 for one car. This year... well I didn't even get a tax request in the mail. O.o Bad-ass.

So WOOT, thanks Volvo, for making this fun little car that just keeps on keepin' on!

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