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So yeah, I own TWO Volvo 240's now. One is my original first owned 240:


And the other is pretty much the exact same thing, but a grey wagon. I'll get a picture soon enough!

I'm excited! the wagon has it's perks, but it does have a bit of rust under the rear bumper, however it has only 126,000 miles on it. That, compared to my black sedan which has just over 302,000 miles. Both are just great cars, easy to work on and totally worth the money. The only reason I bought another is because they're just so cheap to own here in the states. I pay ALMOST as much for both my cars in insurance as my girlfriend pays for her one car, a 2005 focus. I also pay nearly nothing in taxes. I mean, last year it was $5 for one car. This year... well I didn't even get a tax request in the mail. O.o Bad-ass.

So WOOT, thanks Volvo, for making this fun little car that just keeps on keepin' on!
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