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Into the light

I remember wondering where people went when they disappear from the internet, then I realized it...

Real life, lol. They probably got a life where internet isn't as much a part of their lives as it once was. I'm beginning to see why, since my life just depends on the internet for reference now instead of forums and other activities. Even video games have lost their touch. I find myself playing more older games, and re-releases of them. Seriously? Maybe I'm just not into it anymore. It's still fun, but just not really what I want to spend my time on. Even questioning my affinity to conventions and such. I'll still go to one or two a year, but it's more about the area the con is in than the con itself. NY comic con is nice because the city holds more activities to do when I'm con tired, so that's a good one.

Hey whatever, guess this is just growing up. I still prefer cartoons and comedy on tv, and I still love the sonic comics (more and more every issue!) but some things have just lost their magic. I love legos too, but I find myself building more things related to my cars or the home, which is cool.

So whatever, im not an internet guy much anymore, but i'm still around. I check in once and a while on the people I still like to talk to. It's nice to have friends!
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