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Still here, still living along the lines of life. I really don't have anything to say, nothing to complain about, nothing to really share. I'm not even bored really, but I feel I've lost touch with the part of my life that I lived since high school, mainly the part that's all online. It's weird, because the internet is a cool place, but it's just not necessary for me to hang around on anymore. I don't feel inclined to express my personal being, an avatar, online anymore. I spend more time with family or my girlfriend, which is fine but friends are sort of just background now. I sort of don't fit in with them anymore, despite still having a great bond with them. Maybe having a long term relationship and a home now just fills the void that friends did before.

Oh well.

Still alive, still working for a secure future, still doing things how I want to. Such is the life of a grown up.
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