Seth (fexus) wrote,

I guess this is growing up.

So, I'll first put a follow up to my medical issues. As of right now I just started some medication to get my blood pressure stabilized. There was nothing from my stress test or sleep study to indicate A-phib or anything with my heart. Since the December ER visit (and honestly, since last may) I have had heart flutters off and on. I finally asked my mother about high blood pressure, since I had taken a reading a couple times in the last month and it was always high. Apparently, it runs on my mothers side of the family. So, despite being healthy, eating right and exorcizing, I ended up with high blood pressure anyway. Genetic I guess, oh well. So, I'm attempting to get it in check, and I've only been on the meds for two days and my heart does feel better, but the blood pressure reading haven't gone down much. Again, too early to tell still, but a good sign none the less.

SO, aside from slamming into a medical issue the day I turned 28, life is actually very good. I own a house which I have been slowly refurbishing each room (taking down plaster walls, putting up new drywall) and gutting them to replace electrical and add insulation. It's great to do all this stuff and see a considerable difference. I also have a new(ish) car, which I have now owned for a year and it works quite well! Gets great gas mileage too. I honestly have anything I could need without being in debt minus my mortgage and car payment. I am also engaged to someone who treats me better than I deserve, although I suppose once in a while I do deserve it? I work a 3 day 36 hour job, Friday thru Sunday so I have most of the week to just do whatever my heart desires.

Now, that's something I honestly don't know what to do with. I have 4 days off a week, and yet no friends to really hang out with casually. I mean, I know I have friends, but other than my fiance' I have no close friends anymore. I go online, looking for traces of my past and it's like a party where most everyone has gone home already and I'm ready for more. I know I'm "tied down" with someone, but I have 4 days to just do anything, yet I can't think of anything to do that involves friends.

I guess there is no room for people pushing 30 without kids to keep them busy!
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