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Another health update!

Nothing can stay quiet for long it seems! It's going on day 5 now, I have felt slightly dizzy-ish. Only slightly, since I don't feel like falling over or anything, but it's just a bizarre head thing. I went to my doctor, and he measured my blood pressure to be a bit low, like 109/71 or something. I've been on medication for my blood pressure, and since it's much lower than usual he told me to come off it for a week and see how I feel. My head might just require a higher blood pressure. Now, I've been on the meds for about 7 or 8 months now. They certainly helped my heart issue go away, but now my blood pressure might be too low. This may also be because I've carefully watched my sodium intake, and completely cut off fast food since December. Maybe now, 2 months later, my body is adjusting and my blood pressure is leveling out.

Honestly, who knows. All my blood tests and exams come back perfect. I am statistically in great health, but I certainly do not feel it. I fear there may be some other problem, hopefully nothing like cancer, but it wouldn't even surprise me at this point. I've gone to a heart specialist, kidney doctor and had a few extra doctor visits and yet the only thing I know is that I have(or had) high blood pressure, which probably caused my few heart palpitation episodes. This could be because of many things, like hereditary, or because my diet was terrible. Since I've been watching what I eat, I feel better, but now feel bad again, maybe because the meds were offsetting my diet. Also, there are my kidneys, which despite being a bit abnormal, all tests I've had came back as no real issue.

So, if you don't want to read all that, all you need to know is that I don't feel right still, despite being in apparent good health.

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