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SO... after being off/on my medication I have had two shaking/tremor instances that woke me from sleep. Yesterday though, was by far the scariest. It was almost midnight, I was just sitting calm on the couch with my laptop, when I felt my hand go hot to cold. Weird, worse than clammy, then I stood up and felt them tingle. So, I began to freak slightly, then I felt my heart drop and then my heart beat erratically. I absolutely thought this was a stroke or heart attack happening, so I had my other half quickly drive me to the E.R.

Spent no more than a half hour there where I was shaking from anxiety the whole time. I had an ekg done, and nothing came of it because my symptoms disappeared. I brought this info to my doc today, and he could only recommend getting off my meds until friday and see what happens. If my blood pressure is controllable by my diet and exorcize, then I'll not need medication. If it's still too high, then I'll need a different medication. In any case, I'll be eating ALOT less sodium and working out at least 30 minutes a day.

Also, I went for an eye exam, and it looks like I will be needing some glasses. Not so much for everyday, but certainly for low light. I had some issues making out signs at night driving, but depth and daytime my eyesight seems fine. It's not a big deal to me really.

SO, thought I had a heart attack, got off the meds, back to figuring out a natural way to fix my blood pressure/heart/kidney things. Wish me luck!
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