Seth (fexus) wrote,

New cars? why?

It's a pain to deal with cars and gas nowadays. We try to get alternatives but it seems like nobody cares or wants to (or can) invest time/money into it. Also, big wigs put out the fire of individual innovation, or steal it and patent it with threats. We have the technology and engineering, but nobody is allowed to use it. Absolutely ludicrous. I like the car I drive, but when I can get about 25mpg in a 1992 car, and see new ones of the same class get barely +3mpg more, something is not making sense. We want to help innovation in automobiles along but nobody knows who to turn to or who to blame. Oil companies, government, auto makers... who knows. Maybe it's just us knowing that we can do nothing, so we give up. The world scoffs the USA now because we have the potential, but one greedy person can ruin it all for everyone.
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