Seth (fexus) wrote,

Nostalgic time!

Looking at my old art on the computer really brings me back... Reminds me of some fun times that I associate with it. A HUGE chuck of that being from when Emily and I were in that long distance relationship. I managed to draw alot back then! I also drew alot in high school going into the military. I actually did well, but as soon as I stopped I pretty much lost the drive. I have so much more to do, drawing is just not worth the effort now.

But yeah, pretty much the past 10 years of my life were awesome and really opened my eyes to the rest of the world. The internet played a major role, and it helped me mature alot. The people i've met along the way were all people who I will never forget. It kinda sucks that im settling down now and that those chapters of my life have ended, but it's time for a new one, one just as good, even better than the last. I still have old friends, albeit not really seeing them much anymore. We all move on and find more to do, other people to share our experiences with, and thats just awesome.

For anyone who still reads this journal (and it's really only people i trust), thanks for being a part of my life, even in the most minor ways. Even small voice on the internet can make a huge difference. :)
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