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Awfuly quiet here...

So, who exactly is reading my livejournal still? Not like I post anything to it anymore. Here is all you need to know: I'm doing well, no drama in my life (thank the gods) and it seems that the only things in my life that I am focused on are just living in the home and fixing it up slowly with whatever money I have. Although, if you want to see something new, I did just buy a new car:

I never expected to own something like this, but I sold my sedan so the smartest thing to do was replace it with a gas efficient commuter. I only wish they had it in manual and not automatic, but there were none available and I wasn't about to be THAT picky. I still have my wagon for the super useful stuff hauling, but 38 miles per gallon certainly beat the 22 that I would get driving the wagon to work.
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