Seth (fexus) wrote,

Follow up from the 5th

So, yesterday morning I posted about my heart doing laps and waking me up. So, I went to the ER because that episode lasted 8 hours. This time, not one bit of caffeine triggered it, so that can be safely ruled out, however it still helps to limit my caffeine intake. What was explained to be by the doctor was that I could have an abnormality while sleeping, so a case of/related to sleep apnea. Since these episodes only happened in my sleep, it seems like my heart does it's own thing, and if it seems like my heart is not beating right my brain sends a signal to give it a jolt to wake it up. Which, may set off a palpitation irregularity that makes my heart start beating out of synch. This immediately wakes me up, which is a good thing, but getting the heart to return to a normal beat is the hard part.

So, I am going to get appointments to have a study done, probably a stress test and sleep test to see exactly what might be causing the heart to beat irregularly in my sleep. This is of course going to add to the costs of my medical visits, but may just find an answer and a solution to this problem which scares the crap out of me.

On the plus side, after leaving the ER yesterday, my heart feels ten times better. I no longer get flutters, which continued to happen intermittently after my last ER visit in may. It feels as though the waters are calm relating to my heart now, but I know the real issue is what happens in my sleep. Last night I did feel my heart beating faster, maybe from a dream, but not irregularly. I think a sleep test is certainly in order.

Lets hope it's good news from here on out.
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