Seth (fexus) wrote,

Health update

So, I suppose this journal has it's use. I can keep track of all the terrible things going on with my body! Depressing, but mostly useful for reference so I can skim over this journal between doctor visits so I remember what happened. Anywho, here is the latest:

Had a rough time last night. I'll start by saying this past week hasn't been a good food choice week. Yesterday was no exception, as I ate some buttery breaded sandwich at applebees (with a side salad) and then mcdonalds later at night. Pretty sure the mcdonalds sealed the deal, that being of my poor food choices lately.

I have been more cautious about my sodium intake, although not as much as I should be. (I order fries without salt or pick something with a bit less sodium than say, a big mac...) as well as almost completely cutting caffeine out. I do however blow through cans of caffeine free coke, which I'm sure still isn't a good choice. I do fit in a banana almost every day, but one fruit is not going to do much by itself.

So, this is what happened on December first: Ate terrible all day, and late. I went to bed at about midnight, laying down and closing my eyes. Then, like what happened a year ago, my heart started pulsing. It felt like it was skipping a beat here and there. I sat up and felt very cold. So cold that I began to shiver and shake like I had just walked naked through the snow. I realized I had to use the bathroom, so I did, all the while shaking. I sat at my computer to calm myself a bit, then felt I would try to sleep again. I went and laid down, trying to breath deep and stay calm. I must have drifted off for about 5 minutes when I woke up shaking again. So, I got up, went downstairs and sat on the couch upright with a blanket around me. Eventually I leaned over and fell asleep without any shaking. This all happened in a span from midnight to 2:30am. After finally falling asleep I woke up around 5 when Melissa came down to see what I was doing.

So, I still have no clue what caused it. I have been on medication for over a year now to help my blood pressure, and it does, but there is still something underlying that is causing all of this and I still do not know what. My kidneys are not perfect, I know this. They probably don't help the situation, or might even be the cause, but all the tests I've done up till now don't point out my kidneys are the prime culprit.

So, I have an appointment with my doctor. I will give him the lowdown and see what he thinks.
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