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Health Update/Life

So, here is a quick health update. I usually post when I've had problems, but honestly since Christmas I have felt good for the most part. I'm still on 10mg of blood pressure meds, but also have been taking one fish oil/D3 tablet, just for some benefits. I ski here and there, which I feel perfectly fine, but of course when exerting myself, like lifting weight or maybe shoveling alot of snow my heart will pump a bit hard, making me rest a moment and let it catch up. I believe getting in better shape, aka, running will help build my heart strength up. Of course, it's winter now, so it's tough to just go running or motivate myself to do it inside on the elliptical. I'll get around to it, I promise!

So, other than feeling better, I have my wedding to keep planning for! Come the end of April I'll be hooked up for good. About time! Can't wait to see all my family/friends and have one fun day. :)
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