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It just gets worse.

Going to leave a journal entry to describe symptoms I've had in the past 2 years since this whole down-spiral of my health began.

-Woke up to heart palpitations. 3 times, once it went away in a minute. Then it went away in 3 hours. Then it went away in 8 hours. The last one was December 2012
-Have had heart flutters since the waking palpitations, but went away after I went on blood pressure meds.
-Had high blood pressure. Off the meds for a week, pressure is manageable now.
-Have random aches/pains in my mid section, arms and upper mid section. Come and go.
-Have recently gotten slight dizziness that is waning now.
-Recently gotten a palp followed by my throat getting tight/congested, then going away.
-Recently getting tremors that wake me from sleep but go away.

Keep in mind one of my kidneys is apparently only working at about 20%, which has been that way since I was 14. I have also completely cut out caffeine since my first heart palp ER visit, and since december I have stopped eating fast food like McDonalds/Taco Bell and the like.

I still have no clue what the hell is wrong with me, and I'm fed up. My doctor will know this tomorrow.
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