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Back from the dead

No I did not die, but I certainly have not been using this to track my health as I once was.

SO, yeah, guess I'll update my health issues. It appears that my blood pressure and heart arrhythmia has stabilized for the most part. Still on 10mg BP meds, and I still get flutters once in a while, but nothing really outstanding. I've had many other issues that come and go, like pressure in the front of my head, my stupid neck/throat clicking when I turn right, and random aches and pains all over. My doctor is far too lax to send me to a specialist for anything until I have an ER visit. My diet is still caffeine free but I've all but given up trying to control my sodium intake. I am vigilant on being careful about high sodium foods as well as sugar, but I'm not being as anti-sodium and sugar as I was.

I will say that it may be from lack of exorcise, but whenever I do exert myself I can feel my heart beating hard and sometimes erratically, back to the skipping beats thing. I may request a cardiologist stress test to see if they can pinpoint it. It sucks because I want to get in shape (and I am in no way overweight, at 165 lbs.) but every time I try to be active my heart just can't take it and I feel terrible. I'd like for that to improve at least, so I can chase my child around.

Oh yeah, it's been THAT long since I updated. I have a 14 month old daughter and a new unknown child due Dec. 24th! Yeah, life is moving right along, healthy or not! I love my family, and my life. I just wish I were in better health so I could be sure that I'll be able to enjoy them for a long time. :)
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